Our credo

We will Eliminate the Wait for Healthcare

Every patient, in every healthcare facility around the world, is counting on us to solve this problem. Everything that we do here today is helping to alleviate human suffering on a global scale. Solving this problem truly matters. We will never stop finding new ways to eliminate waiting so that every human being, everywhere on the planet can get virtually instant access to amazingly efficient medical care.

We will Improve the Human Experience in Healthcare

Every patient is person, a human being, not an abstract concept. They are our parents, our children, and our friends, just as surely as one day we will be patients ourselves. We care about what they are going through and how it impacts them and their loved ones. We love every patient and will demonstrate that love through our daily devotion to solving this problem.

We will return Clinicians to Clinical Work

We can only help patients by helping clinicians. They have the power to heal and we must constantly find ways to help them to heal more efficiently. We will offload clinicians from non- clinical work, making their work process simpler, faster, and easier so that they can treat more patients, more thoroughly than ever before.

We will bring the power of Robotics to Healthcare

Efficient, cost-effective healthcare delivery is an enormous problem that many people say cannot be solved. We will solve it. Although this seems to be an intractable problem, technologists who came before us overcame similarly impossible problems. They built the Panama Canal, they broke the sound barrier, they put a man on the moon. We can do this. We will bring all of the power of robotics technologies to bear on this problem until we make waiting for healthcare a thing of the past.

We will build our Success on Family and Education

This is our Great Endeavor. We must free ourselves to rethink how work is formulated, planned, and carried out so that we have the best opportunity to succeed. We will redefine the way that we work to enable new levels of productivity and growth and to promote a new sense of personal engagement, commitment, and self-determination among our employees. Because we value family and education as the foundations of our success, the boundaries between work, family, and learning must be porous and flexible, to the extent that technologies permit. We will hold ourselves personally accountable to consistently deliver excellent results, together with our team, and find ways to support ever more flexible working hours and locations.

Return to Shareholders

We will never forget that our ability to improve the human condition is fundamentally fueled by the capital markets. We hold our shareholders in the greatest esteem and thank them for their trust in our diligence and their belief in our abilities by working incessantly to ensure that they receive a fair return on their investment.